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animatic » Yekaterina Satanina
Nov 262013


Here’s a rough cut, with final timing but not quite full picture lock. My computer is currently batch rendering shots, since our farm has a tendency to drop frames, and the batching process takes more time than I thought.

So in addition to this, instead of any fully finished shots, here are some progress stills from the texturing/lighting process. These are just beauty pass 3D renders: no AO, no depth, no color correction.


I don’t even mind spending all night working on this. The results make me so happy.

Sep 152013

Last week, on Tuesday night to be precise, I put together the first rough version of my 2D animatic… and immediately became sad about my film. (Fun fact: I meant to type “film,” but looked up from the keyboard and saw that I had somehow typed “life” instead. HA. HAAA.) So I made a point of hunting down one of my professors, Atia, who has disciplined me during the production of “Cake,” and begged for a critique. Lucky for me, I found both her and Mark (our other 3D wizard) in the office at the same time, and together the three of us teamed up and cranked out a much, much better story.

The main character is now active, the interior environment is better utilized, there are strong motives and better underlying motifs. Well, the motifs are the same. I just like them better now that everything else is better.

Basically, I took the beginning 10%, the final 10%, and redid everything in-between. Yay, story?


The annoying sound is gone, too. One of the comments I received was to consider a different “voice” for the Dusties – a wind chime, a rustle? I don’t know yet. The bouncy ball squeak was my best idea for something cute. Admittedly, it’s annoying. So it’s not staying.

Also, I looked around my room and saw this. INSPIRATION!

2013-09-14 15.54.29

Forget it, stop motion. Boom. Done.

Sep 122013

Timing is off, scratch sound is awful, but the main problem – the story. I’ll be working on that for a while..

Also, the parts tinted blue are the ones not essential to the story, that I may or may not add based on the time that I have to work on this.


Apr 012013

Saturday night, and I’m in the lab until 1am after 10 hours of sitting in front of the screen. When did “no life” become everyday life?

I did, however, put in eyes, teeth, and tongues, paint weights, create most of the textures, and fix the rig. And now, this is how I feel:


There are still lots of things to fix, but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out so far!

Here is a rough version of the 3D animatic. Working on this, I realized just how much more weight painting I’ll have to do! Still, my shots are set up and I am ready to animate.

Password: ZmeyGorynych. Just for you guys, just for you.

Mar 172013

Third set of storyboards, third animatic. I really hope this is the final one.. But I’ll probably end up changing some things around.

Rough quality, but tells the story.

Can I stop storyboarding now?

In other news, I unwrapped the fat dragon. Took a look at it in Maya, thought about it for a minute… and opened the file in Blender instead! The skills learned at my job (two weeks ago) came in extremely handy. Unwrapping in Blender is very easy, as long as you’re smart about it, and the UV’s are all laid out for you on a silver plate. I transferred them back over to the Maya model and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. So excited to texture the model!