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beading » Yekaterina Satanina
Sep 152013

Last week, on Tuesday night to be precise, I put together the first rough version of my 2D animatic… and immediately became sad about my film. (Fun fact: I meant to type “film,” but looked up from the keyboard and saw that I had somehow typed “life” instead. HA. HAAA.) So I made a point of hunting down one of my professors, Atia, who has disciplined me during the production of “Cake,” and begged for a critique. Lucky for me, I found both her and Mark (our other 3D wizard) in the office at the same time, and together the three of us teamed up and cranked out a much, much better story.

The main character is now active, the interior environment is better utilized, there are strong motives and better underlying motifs. Well, the motifs are the same. I just like them better now that everything else is better.

Basically, I took the beginning 10%, the final 10%, and redid everything in-between. Yay, story?


The annoying sound is gone, too. One of the comments I received was to consider a different “voice” for the Dusties – a wind chime, a rustle? I don’t know yet. The bouncy ball squeak was my best idea for something cute. Admittedly, it’s annoying. So it’s not staying.

Also, I looked around my room and saw this. INSPIRATION!

2013-09-14 15.54.29

Forget it, stop motion. Boom. Done.