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city » Yekaterina Satanina
Sep 302013

The windows roll down at the border, we are barely keeping ourselves from singing out, “Oh, Canada!” The border patrol officer asks what we are studying, and the entire car explodes: “ANIMATION!”

Oh, Canada.

Last weekend, two dozen RITchies and I ventured to Ontario for the Ottawa International Animation Festival. My first film festival. It was an amazing experience in a gorgeous city. We saw Disney’s innovative new short, “Get a Horse!”, a beautiful Brazilian feature, “The Boy and the World,” many awesome shorts, multiple presentations by filmmakers and recruiters. I got to meet JG Quintel (the youngest and coolest professional there), the creator of the Regular Show, and Adam Elliot, a brilliant stop motion animator from Australia. At one of the after parties, my fellow RIT 3D-ers and I cornered Saschka Unseld, a Pixar layout artist and director of “The Blue Umbrella,” and spent a good chunk of the night barraging him with our excited questions.

Oh, and we now know our way around Ottawa.

And for today, real rough one-hour sketch of the city view. I feel so right in cities. This one felt especially akin.


Yes, we had poutine. And yes, we met Canadians. To my surprise and amusement, turns out that Canadians rank each other on “how Canadian” they are. So self-aware.

Sep 152013

Time for a throwback.

2011, August, Moscow. Walking many miles from the Red Square all the way to the Triumphal Arch along the Kutuzovsky Prospekt (avenue), the sun is setting, the breeze is warm. Cars rush by, city lights are just beginning to spark up. The water of the Moscow river reflects the clouds as the ferries go back and forth.


Photoshop, over a combination of two overlapping photographs. Approximately 2.5-3 hours.