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color script » Yekaterina Satanina
Sep 232013

Somewhere, I have a film that I should be working on.

After Ottawa, all I want to do is make movies. However, there’s such a thing as two part time jobs, five classes, extracurricular responsibilities, and all the associated work. Oh, and cooking food should squeeze in somewhere there, too.

I am trying to convey some fairly thought-provoking ideas with my film. All that death, dealing with death, resisting change, accepting differences – it is a lot to say with just a handful of mute, faceless objects (namely, Petal and the Dusties). I realize that I am putting a lot of faith in acting, staging, and editing, since I don’t have any dialogue or big movements to rely on. Consequentially, I decided it would be a good idea to help myself in another way. The film’s color, warmth, saturation, light (and lighting) could do a lot to help emphasize my ideas. So I sat down last week to draw up a color chart:


Actually, this is just an excuse to pick up my tablet and paint some more.

No, not really. I meant everything I said earlier. But the painting part was a big plus, yes. A big plus.

These are the major beats of the film, following the general plan from above:


And, of course, here is the completed color script. I am fairly satisfied with the progression of color and light.COLORscript_wide

I just hope that I can achieve all this in 3D.

Something will come out at the end of the semester. Something definitely will. I just hope… that it will be good.