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compositing » Yekaterina Satanina
Apr 072014

Straight from Wikipedia: one of the nicknames for a helicopter in the English language is “whirlybird.”

I made a whirlybird! Specifically, a Sikorsky Blackhawk, for my friend Mark Logan. His film ARC will premiere at Rochester Institute of Technology, during spring screenings, in May. Check out the film’s Facebook page!

The task was to create a 10-second shot of a realistic helicopter moving into the frame and hovering in mid-air. Mark approached me at the beginning of last fall, asking if I would be up for the job. At that time, after a summer of working at RIT Production Services, I was very comfortable with Blender’s Cycles rendering system, and made the decision to tackle this project in Blender. I also still prefer Blender’s tools for hard-surface modeling over Maya’s (I love Maya for just about anything else, except caustics).

So many months later, here it is, from modeling to compositing, created in Blender and AfterEffects.




Mark’s film is intense. Check it out. I can’t wait to see it finished. And I really hope that my part in it works with the rest.

Mar 192014

Nothing less than the daily internal struggle.

New compositing project, done using a green screen.