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design » Yekaterina Satanina
Mar 292014

Last winter, I was hired by RIT Production Services. One of the luckiest things to happen to me in college. I am so very fortunate to be getting a production studio experience while taking classes.

At Production Services, I do a variety of tasks, ranging from concept art and design to 3D animation to visual effects. Every once in a while, have to track a camera. But for the most part, it’s a lot of fun! I work directly with the graphics manager and my student coworkers – graphic designers, motion graphics artists, video editors, and visual effects specialists. I also interact with the directors and sometimes contribute to meetings.

For 3D graphics, we primarily use Blender and AfterEffects. We just got Cinema 4D, and for my most current project I am learning the ropes of that!

Disclaimers: None of this material belongs to me. I do not own SportsZone, SZ Live HD, or any other name mentioned in the reel. I merely do the graphics. Not everything in the reel was done by me. For a breakdown with roles and contributors, go to the YouTube page of the reel. The music is “Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio. I do not own that either, using for non-commercial purposes only.

In other news, I finally caught up with culture and watched Frozen last night. Oh, man… So pretty. Such acting. So much work. Such hope for getting hired in the future.

Jun 112013

There was a time back in early high school when I was considering graphic design. “Well,” the thought was, “fine art won’t pay my bills.” Might as well branch off to do something art-related but somewhat in demand. Graphic design?

Let me tell you what I am not. I am not a designer. I do not understand design, I do not see design. However, I do appreciate good design, and I have many designer friends whose work baffles me. Notable examples are New Media designers Whitney Brown and Jon Brennan, and graphic designer Tyler Somers. I like asking them about their projects and workflow, as well as about their “secrets” of creating awesome websites, eye-catching resumes, and professional personal branding.

And I by no means claim to now know these “secrets,” but I do try to pick up on some things.

One of my summer projects is this website. I will not spend a lot of time on it, as my primary focus was, is, and will be animation, but I will put effort into it. The theme is tea, because a day does not go by in my life without at least two cups of tea, and cats, for the obvious punny reason. Here’s a bit of process work on my logo:


Having gotten a lot of feedback on these variations of the tea kitty, these were the finalists with some modifications:


Soon enough, there will be a final version, along with the completed site.