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Jul 122015

Graduation is well past us, life goes on.

I am applying to jobs. Looking for modeling/texturing positions, junior generalist positions, junior lighting, and runner openings. In the meantime, I’ve been updating this site (hey-oh!), working on personal projects, and enjoying not having homework ever again.

Most recent additions to my portfolio – watercolor paintings and figure studies from my Drawing for Animation and Figure Sculpture classes. There are a bunch on the Artwork page, go go look!

Figure studies - 2015 Figure studies - 2015

I discovered the wonderful pleasure of taking my sketchbook on a date to a coffee shop. (Pour Coffee Parlor, Rochester, is my happy place.)


I’ve been swimming and running a bunch.


I’ve been hiking to pretty places. (Lake Ontario, Chimney Bluffs, central New York.)


And I’ve been making supreme loaded waffles (that’s a waffle with: butter, runny egg, bacon, onion, red bell pepper, spinach, feta, and maple syrup) with good friends.


Life’s good.

Time to apply to more jobs.

Mar 192014

Nothing less than the daily internal struggle.

New compositing project, done using a green screen.

Mar 112014

Sometimes during my late night render wrangling shifts in the mostly empty lab, I get nostalgic about last year. Nora and I were dying over computer science assignments and our very first 3D movies. Last spring was one of my most productive periods ever. May this attest to that (spoiler: inappropriate content):


I miss character animation! This was the time when we were practicing dialogues, weight, and mood changes. Simultaneously, we practiced pick up lines, but only those that relate to 3D programs. Out of all the ones that we worked with, Maya by far inspired us the most.

We even stuck some of these on the office doors of our professors. They’re still there.



Can’t really make these posters/memes/funsies with modeling. Or maybe you could… Or maybe I’m just getting less funny.

Mar 082014

In Lighting & Rendering class, we were given a hilly plane and a tree and new knowledge of toon and surface shaders. Told to do something with that bucket of fun for classwork. Throw in a character or something. So I did!