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humor » Yekaterina Satanina
Mar 192014

Nothing less than the daily internal struggle.

New compositing project, done using a green screen.

Mar 112014

Sometimes during my late night render wrangling shifts in the mostly empty lab, I get nostalgic about last year. Nora and I were dying over computer science assignments and our very first 3D movies. Last spring was one of my most productive periods ever. May this attest to that (spoiler: inappropriate content):


I miss character animation! This was the time when we were practicing dialogues, weight, and mood changes. Simultaneously, we practiced pick up lines, but only those that relate to 3D programs. Out of all the ones that we worked with, Maya by far inspired us the most.

We even stuck some of these on the office doors of our professors. They’re still there.



Can’t really make these posters/memes/funsies with modeling. Or maybe you could… Or maybe I’m just getting less funny.

Oct 072013

This weekend, RIT had its 2nd annual AniJam competition. 53 people from 17 teams came together to create short animated films in 24 hours. There were just three requirements:

  1. Create an animation
  2. Follow the chosen theme
  3. Finish in 24 hours

I was especially adamant about the last one. Mainly because last year my team got disqualified for submitting 3 minutes late.

From 12:30 on Saturday afternoon till 12:30 on Sunday, we cranked out work in the lab. It was a great time. I teamed up with my friends Nora Rogers, Sarah Talbot, and Deanna Giovinazzo (all wonderful 3D folks) to create our interpretation of “When the door opened.” Look at us, all happy and hyper at the beginning:


And, actually, we stayed at fairly constant levels of energy and efficiency throughout the night!

Our film will screen with the rest at the end of the semester. There will be voting and prizes.

I worked on a multitude of things, from storyboards to modeling, rigging, and animation, to final editing and compositing. Here are some screen shots of the parts that I animated:





We used the Morpheus rig for the adult character. However, we did model and rig our own. Meet Marty!


Marty is a mind-boggling combination of cute and terrifying. And that was the goal.

Spoiler alert: at the end of the film, his eye slides off his face. Oh yes, we had fun. AniJam 2013 was a success.

May 042013

And I keep breaking things.


Rightie’s eyes suddenly went a little loony when I clicked on a random frame to do a test render. I thought it did well to represent my current state.

On the bright side, I’m almost done! Who’s pumped?

Apr 012013

Saturday night, and I’m in the lab until 1am after 10 hours of sitting in front of the screen. When did “no life” become everyday life?

I did, however, put in eyes, teeth, and tongues, paint weights, create most of the textures, and fix the rig. And now, this is how I feel:


There are still lots of things to fix, but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out so far!

Here is a rough version of the 3D animatic. Working on this, I realized just how much more weight painting I’ll have to do! Still, my shots are set up and I am ready to animate.

Password: ZmeyGorynych. Just for you guys, just for you.

Mar 292013

He is not pleased with you.


In other news, my blendshapes are done! Tomorrow I paint weights, at last. The day after tomorrow I have to bust out a 3D animatic. I have to, I must, I will. I don’t have a choice.

And for now: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foster the People, vanilla apricot green tea, and experimenting with textures. Sounds like a Kat-worthy Friday night.